Saturday, May 26

Ulta Mini Haul: NYX

Hi everyone! The weather has been lovely this week where I am. I usually walk several blocks on my way to work and it always brightens my mood when I see pretty bright flowers blooming.

Last week, I went home to visit my parents. While I was home, I decided to pay a visit to Ulta to pick up some NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss shades I had been eyeing. Here are the shades I picked up!

From Top to Bottom: Perfect, Nude Peach, & La La

From L to R: Perfect, Nude Peach, & La La

Along with the lip glosses, I also picked up two NYX Round Lipsticks in Paris and Tea Rose. I wanted to get Tea Rose from a long time ago, but it was always out of stock on the site, so I was very happy when I came across the shade at Ulta!

From L to R: Paris & Tea Rose

I took the pics in natural light and tried to get the pics as close to the natural color as possible. There's also a Memorial Day discount on at the moment (20% off everything on the site MDS12). On cherryculture, the round lipsticks are normally $2.99 and mega shine lip glosses are normally $4.50. The discount code expires May 28th! My little sister and I couldn't help ourselves >.< and we ended up placing a fairly large order this morning...

Just a thought, but just wondering if you all would like me to do lip swatches. I understand that the colors may not show up the same on everyone's lips since everyone's pigmentation is different. Let me know if you all would like that by commenting below. What are your favorite shades of NYX lippies?

Note: Products were purchased with my own money and the reviews are 100% my own.


  1. I have LA LA and Tea Rose and love them both! The applicator of the lipgloss is absolutely genius and Tea Rose seems to be a universally flattering shade x

    BTW, did you know you could easily switch captchas for comment moderation? Easier for your readers (: