Monday, March 11

Spotted: Rebecca Minkoff Desire Satchel

Hello Hello! I have recently become very fascinated by handbags and purses. As thus, I have consistently found myself browsing ebay for vintage Coach and Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC clutches instead of working on my capstone project...basically what I need to complete to graduate from my program. However, when I visited home this weekend, my mom and I paid a visit to TJ Maxx and look what I spotted! I resisted the urge to pick this up, but I thought I would just share the pic I took. I originally put it up on my Instagram (AriaRhapsody), but thought I'd share this with you all as well!

I believe this Rebecca Minkoff Desire Satchel retails for $495 at Nordstrom, but it was at TJ Maxx for $299 if I remember the tag correctly. Although its vividly bright, I do love the pattern! Comment below and let me know what you think of this bag! Do you like Rebecca Minkoff as well? What's your favorite bags?


Monday, March 4

Coach Court Bag

Up until recently, I always considered high end purses to be too costly and not worth the money. Growing up, I had seen my mom receive Coach purses as gifts from relatives and was even asked if I would like one as a birthday gift last year, which I declined. However, after much research I decided to jump the gun. What really prompted me was a combination of two things. I had seen a blog post highlighting the beauty of various vintage Coach pieces and secondly, I thought it was time that I invest in some quality pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe. The Coach Court Bag was what I decided to purchase as my first piece.

Via the Coach website, the bag retails $258.00. However, I purchased mine via Etsy. I was ecstatic at the condition the bag came in! Included with the bag was a dust bag to protect it from scratches, its original strap and hangtag. The bag hangs just at the hip with the strap, but can also be carried on its own via the handle. Honestly, I have never viewed a purse as being beautiful...but I can definitely say this one is. 

One thing to keep in mind though is that there are numerous counterfeits on the second-hand market. I would recommend doing a lot of research before purchasing a bag and familiarize yourself with the product. An alternative would be to consider purchasing from an outlet store as many outlet stores offer significant discounts. I have also read that sometimes there are good finds at Savers, Goodwill, Salvation Army, consignment shops or thrift shops.

Hope this was helpful and for those of you that are interested, good luck with the treasure hunt! Do you like Coach purses? Comment below on which styles are your favorite!


Note: Products were purchased with my own money and the reviews are 100% my own.