Monday, January 20

Product Review: Dior Creme De Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm

Happy Monday everyone! I have not had the chance to post for a while and that is because I had my wisdom teeth removed! I will most likely write up a post on my experience, but since I am not fully recovered, I will wait until I am fully healed. 

During the winter months, I tend to experience very dry lips. Many recommend drinking lots of water and staying hydrated, but despite guzzling lots of water, I am still left with chapped lips. Therefore, when I saw positive reviews for the Dior Creme De Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm, I decided to give the product a try despite the steep cost of $27.00 at Sephora

Upon first impression, I found the floral rose scent of the balm somewhat strong, but not overpowering. For someone that does not enjoy floral scents, I would not recommend this balm. One aspect of the balm I like is that the balm is not pigmented. I have found that pigmented balms typically cling to dry chapped lips and only serves to the enhance dryness. While I have heard many say that the balm is light on the lips, my impression is that it is a bit heavy. 

After several days of use, I have concluded that although it works well for some in keeping their lips hydrated, the balm is not a standout for me. I think the balm would be sufficient in keeping lips hydrated during the summertime, but does not hold up against Chicago winters. With this in consideration, I will use the product up, but will most likely end up not repurchasing. 

Do you have any recommendations for a good moisturizing lip balm? I would appreciate any recommendations you might have. Feel free to comment below!


Note: Products were purchased with my own money and the reviews are 100% my own.