Saturday, June 30

Mmm Macaroons

Hey everyone! Hope you had a lovely Friday! Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to post too much this week because of the fact that I started a new part-time job! It has been pretty exciting, but I have been just trying to get used to a busier schedule. Today I wanted to post up some pics of one of my favorite treats, Macaroons!

From L to R: Raspberry, Pistachio & Almond

More Macaroons!

 I think Pistachio and Almond are surprisingly my favorites. I haven't found a place that sells really gourmet flavors, but I am definitely content having tried these sweets! I'm also currently in Providence, Rhode Island. I'll definitely have some pics up from the trip once I arrive back home on Monday. Have you tried Macarroons? What's your favorite flavor? 

Note: Products were purchased with my own money and the reviews are 100% my own

Friday, June 22

Summer Outfit Idea: Fun With Colors

Happy Friday! It is the first day in a long while that I have not had to go to a meeting/interview or be at my internship, so I am very excited! I interviewed for two part-time jobs last week (I'm a full-time grad. student - yes, I like to stay busy) and I heard back from one of them yesterday saying I got the position. Hopefully, I hear back from the other one today, so that I can make a decision! So excited!

Today, I wanted to share another Summer Outfit Idea with you. I came across this great photo on Polyvore and loved it.

Let me know what you girls think below! Hope the summer sun has been treating you well and as always, follow if you like! Again, Happy Friday!

xoxo Joy

Thursday, June 21

China Glaze Nails

Hope everyone's having a lovely day! I decided to share the polishes I am wearing today. For some reason I never have white polish for french tips, so I decided to do a twist on the normal french tips and go for China Glaze's For Audrey as the tip color. I then layered Luxe and Lush (from China Glaze's Hunger Games Collection) on top. I topped it all off with Seche Vite Top Coat.

***Pictures were taken in natural sunlight***

Hope you like the look! Let me know what you think below. As always, I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading them. Follow if you like!

Note: Products were purchased with my own money and the reviews are 100% my own

Sunday, June 17

Thrifting Finds!

Hiyas! Hope everyone is having a lovely Father's Day weekend. Today I wanted to talk about thrifting. I think my new interest in thrifting is mostly due to the fact that thrifting is so affordable and you have the possibility of finding some wonderful items. Only qualm is that you have to search. Here are some of my most recent finds!

Aerosoles Knee High Black Boots (Goodwill - $4.99)
Still need to cleaned them, but they are in really good condition and I have had the most difficult time finding a pair of knee high boots that fit my calves. I'm so glad that I was able to find these without having to break my wallet!

Anne Taylor Loft Black Blazer (Local Thrift Store - $4.49)
My friend and I went to visit a local thrift shop she had found. This was the first item we both saw, but she said she had already bought a similar one recently. For the field I am in, we are required to dress professionally for class. I'm so happy I was able to find this blazer because it fit perfectly!

Yansi Fugel Houndstooth Blazer (Goodwill - $6.99)
 I think this blazer is one of my favorite finds because the not only is the fabric soft, but also lightweight (you know how much I love comfort). I also love the Houndstooth print which sets it apart from other pieces in my wardrobe.

Leslie Fay Red Paisley Jacket (Goodwill - $6.99)
Another unique piece I found that is also lightweight. I think what really drew me to this piece is the pattern of the jacket. Even better, its not dry clean only ^___^

The Limited Red Polka Dot Blouse (Goodwill - $4.99)
Love the polka dot pattern of this blouse. I think it will be great inside one of the above blazers!

Candies Flower Blouse (Goodwill - $2.99)
I've worn this piece already! It was really comfortable and it was only $2.99, which I think is a steal!

Express Rose Gold Clutch (Goodwill - $4.99)
I was initially indecisive about this clutch, but I don't own many clutches and just thought the metallic color would be a cute accessory for some summer weddings that are coming up. I am thinking of possibly adding a brooch to the front to dress it up! Let me know what you all think!

Cream Clutch (Goodwill - $3.99)
Although it may seem plain, I was thinking about making this a DIY project. I have seen a lot of color blocking tutorials and thought this would be a cute clutch to use. Now, I am just considering what color to block it with. Again, I would love any suggestions!

Major things I look out for when thrifting:
Pit stains (washable?)
Regular stains
Holes (is it a hole you can patch up)
Item quality (for me, is it dry clean)
Fit (even though it is cheap, it is not worth it if it doesn't fit well)

Do you like thrifting and if yes, what have been some of your best finds? As always, I appreciate the support and read every comment on my posts <3 Follow if you like!

Note: Products were purchased with my own money and the reviews are 100% my own.

Thursday, June 14

Summer Outfit Idea: Desert Rose

Hello hello! I thought this outfit would be something really cute and casual for the summer. Hope you like and let me know what you think below!

Wednesday, June 13


Hiyas everyone! Happy Wednesday! A couple days ago, I received my order and I have been very excited to show you what I purchased. I love that the site makes brands such as NYX and Milani, so affordable. Here are some of the items I picked up!

Note: All the pictures in this post have been taken in natural light.

NYX Round Lipsticks
From L to R: Circe(522), Milan(621), Heather(623), Doll(635), Femme(643) & Spell Bound(644)

From L to R: Circe(522), Milan(621), Heather(623), Doll(635), Femme(643) & Spell Bound(644)

Favorite Colors: Femme & Spell Bound

NYX Round Lipglosses & NYX Megashine Lipgloss
From L to R: Mauve(06), Strawberry(11), Apricot(19), Real Nude(34) & Tea Rose

From L to R: Mauve(06), Strawberry(11), Apricot(19), Real Nude(34)
Bottom: Tea Rose

Favorite Colors: Strawberry & Apricot 

All in all, I think the items came real fast. Like I have said in my previous NYX posts, I really love the affordability and quality of their products. I hope this post is useful for those of you that are looking for swatches of these products!

Note: Products were purchased with my own money and the reviews are 100% my own.

Sunday, June 10

Green Zebra

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a lovely weekend! My little sister took a break from school and came back to visit these past several weeks. We had the opportunity to meet up with our cousin and hubbie for some delicious vegetarian eats. The restaurant is called the Green Zebra. I would say the food is a bit on the pricey side, but absolutely delicious! The restaurant changes their menu depending on the season. For this trip, we decided to partake in the "Chef's tasting menu." Here are pics of the dishes we tried...

Pink Peppercorn Thyme Soda (L) & some samples provided via the chef ^___^. I believe the waiter mentioned tamarind as one of the ingredients.

Salad w/greens & a hint of strawberry.

 The creamy soup was delicious & filling! The flavors came together really well.

Loved the pasta dish w/grilled asparagus. The sauce made it delectable.

 Veggies & mushrooms in brown gravy! Can't believe veggies can taste so yumm (yes, I am a meat eater, but if I could cook this on my own, I'd consider making the switch).

Peanut butter ice cream with caramelized banana cake to top everything off <3

Even though the portion sizes seemed small, the entire meal was quite filling! If your ever in Chicago and have some extra money to spend, I would definitely recommend this gem!

Note: The meal was graciously provided via my cousin and her hubbie <3.

Wednesday, June 6

Summer Outfit Idea: Summer Romance

Hi everyone! I have another outfit idea for you girls. I fell in love with the colors in this picture when I came across it on Polyvore. I just thought the earthtoned pastels created a lovely, elegant, ethereal look for the summer. Hope you like!

Let me know what you think of the outfit below! I also decided not to get Invisalign just yet. Thanks for the input! I also received my order or NYX and Milani products, so keep an eye out for that post as well.

Saturday, June 2

Summer Outfit Idea: Pop of Color

Hello Hello! It is a lovely day outside today, which inspired me to put together an outfit idea on Polyvore. Thus far, I had never used the site before, but today, I thought I would give it a try. Turns out, it was really fun! Here's what I came up with. Hope you like!

Inspired by: Summer Flowers

Thanks again for those of you that commented on my Invisalign post! I really appreciate the help and advice since if I decide to do this, it would definitely be costly. For those of you that have had either braces or Invisalign, please comment and let me know what your experiences were and if you think the deal is a reasonable price for the procedure!

Also, let me know what you think of the outfit below ^__^!