Wednesday, October 19

Skinny Cow Event

Hi everyone!  I know it has been forever since the last time I posted, but I have had a tough time getting back into the swing of school again. I only took a year off between my undergrad and graduate school, but I definitely feel that the workload for graduate school was more than I had in undergrad (or I have just become a more diligent student ^^).  

Nonetheless, I wanted to catch up on all the posts I have missed out on!  First, will be the event I went to listed above in the title.  Yes, I went to this event during the summer and I understand it is already October, but again, I still wanted to share it with everyone.  Basically, Skinny Cow (the ice cream brand) teamed up with Macy's to bring forth an event to help women find the right bra "cup" size.  If you attended the free event and registered for the bra fitting, you received a voucher for a free bra from Macy's.  On top of this we also had the opportunity to try various ice cream "cup" flavors. Yummm...

Here are some pics I took from the event! Enjoy!
Pic we took of our wrist bands.  Such pretty bold colors!
Friend wore matching polish to one of the pillows they had at the sitting area, so I had to take a pic.  Again, I thought the color scheme was very pretty and summery.
They had a makeup station and these were the looks they were reproducing.  I thought it was really cute they incorporated the names of ice cream flavors they had with their makeup looks. Very creative!
Some ladies getting their makeup done.  They had raffles for free makeovers and these were two of the lucky ladies that had been chosen.  Unfortunately, for privacy's sake, I decided to blur their faces out.
Enjoying some free munchies with friends. They had a cheese yummy!
Overall, I think the event was a lot of fun!  I had never been to anything like that before and was happy a friend told me about it.  Also received a free bra out of it, so definitely thought this event was a good deal!  Anyone else get a chance to go too?  I know it was held in several different locations in the U.S.