Thursday, December 15

Wintery Sky Nail Tutorial

Hello Hello! It is pretty gloomy and chilly outside, so I decided to stay in. I realized I haven't done my nails for a long while, so I decided to do a wintery color scheme. Plus, I really wanted to try China Glaze "Secret Peri-wink-le" out.  Hope you enjoy the tutorial!

First, I started out with clean bare nails.

Next, I brushed on one coat of China Glaze "Secret Peri-wink-le" & let dry.

After your first coat has dried, brush on another coat to create a more solid/opaque pop of color!

Then, brush on an iridescent glittery polish about halfway up the nail ( I used "Last Friday Night" from OPI's Katy Perry Collection).

Lastly, I used Art Club nail art lacquer in "Solid Silver" to paint on some simple designs, but you can always use a toothpick/thinner brush and a silver polish to create the same effects :)
I didn't put on a top coat this time, but on a normal basis, I would in order to keep the polish from chipping.

Hope you like and let me know below what are some of your favorite winter shades!

Note: Products used in this tutorial were purchased with my own money.

Monday, December 12

Cute November Finds!

I know I am probably a bit behind on posting my cute finds for November, but I figured some of you may still be on the lookout for possible Christmas/holiday present ideas. These are some items that I found on Black Friday or cute purchases I made as I was Christmas shopping for friends and family.

First item on my list of cute finds was...
a pink PS3 controller! This was something that I wanted to pick up since I purchased my PS3 on Black Friday of last year, but couldn't push myself to make the plunge until Black Friday weekend of this year. I was able to pick it up for approximately $35.00, but normally it runs for $45.00 to $55.00. However, for the more girly gamers out there, I think this would definitely make a cute Christmas gift.

The next item I purchased was...
the Charmed Life Bath & Body Works gift set. I thought the polka dot bag was adorable and the products inside are nice and colorful. I picked this up at for about $12.00. Sadly, I don't get to keep this for myself :P since this will be gifted.

Along with the gift set, I also purchased some travel-sized lotions that I think would make cute stocking stuffers...
These are some of the more non-traditional scents that Bath & Body Works has, but I thought the packaging was pretty. I believe they currently run for less than $3.00 for the travel-sized. However, since it is the holiday season they have a lot of deals at the moment.

 For someone that has a lot of jewelry, I think this would make a very cute gift. I'm not very organized in my jewelry and my necklaces tend to get all tangled up. However, this definitely helps to keep them organized (no the number of necklaces pictured is not all I own :P) and the design is lovely. I purchased this from TJMaxx for about $10.00!

Lastly, if you know someone that has a hard time with makeup organization, this might make a nice gift. I purchase this acrylic cosmetics organizer for myself from Amazon (link) for $20.00 a while back and it is able to hold a large portion of the makeup I brought with me to school. Very sturdy and definitely a good buy!

Hopefully, this helps give you some ideas for possible holiday gifts. Not fully done with gift shopping yet, so if you all have ideas to share, I'd appreciate the help and follow if you like what you see :)

 Note: Products were purchased with my own money and the reviews are 100% my own.

Saturday, December 10

Delicious Home Cookin'!

I had the opportunity to go home for Thanksgiving Break and it was really nice to be able to spend time with my family. Another perk, was the delicious foods my mom and dad made for Thanksgiving Day. Although it was non-traditional, it was still yummmm!

My mom made mashed potatoes(by hand), red cabbage/cilantro mixed with sesami oil & salt, mixed veggies and brown gravy(made with soy sauce o.o, but was tasty).

Baked sweet potato with cinnamon and pecans.

 Lastly, my dad made his specialty, duck, with his own seasonings(delish ^___^)!

This is what we normally do as a family for Thanksgiving. What fun traditions do you all have for the holidays?

Monday, December 5

BH Cosmetics: Palette Reviews and Swatches

Hi everyone! Finals week has arrived at school and I have been bombarded with exams and projects. However, I did make a purchase a while back that I have been itching to write a review on and was in the mood to do so today. As you can see in the title, I will be reviewing and swatching some palettes from BH Cosmetics (warning, this post is pic heavy)! The company always seems to have promotional codes and I figured I would invest in some palettes rather than spend so much monies on eyeshadow singles.

Without further ado ^__^ here goes!...

Above is the packaging I received the palettes in as well as the outer packaging for the palettes themselves. I was very happy at how quickly the order was shipped and received.

Shiny plastic outer packaging for all three eyeshadow palettes. On the inside, all three palettes come with a mirror and some double sided disposable eyeshadow applicators. I do wish this came matte though since after a while, your fingerprints show (I tried to be careful, but I think you can see an example of this on the bottom of the case in this pic :(.) 

Just to give you a measure on how large each of the shadows are.

The 88 Standard Matte Palette in natural light.

Closest true to color picture I could get of the 88 Standard Matte Palette. Love how the colors are so vibrant and that there is such a wide variety!

Some random color swatches on MAC NW15 skin. Not sure why I picked these specifically.

Closest true to color picture I could get of the 88 Shimmer Palette. Color assortment is very similar to that of the 88 Matte Palette, but only difference is that these are shimmery.

I was very surprised at how pretty the colors swatched!

Closest true to color picture I could get of the 88 Neutral Palette. Again, lots of variety if you don't own that many eyeshadow shades.

Some swatches on MAC NW15 skin. I tend to wear more neutral makeup for class, so this palette definitely lets me create more professional makeup looks.

Good pigmentation
Wide variety of colors
Good starter palette
Versatility in creating varying makeup looks
Some of the shadows can be a bit chalky
Some of the eyeshadows were unevenly placed in the palette(as seen above)
Overall Rating: A-
Although the eyeshadow quality is not the best I have seen, I think this is a great buy for someone that wants to experiment with different colors or who wants to create different looks, but does not want to spend crazy amounts of money.
Note: I did read in some reviews that sometimes single eyeshadows would fall out. Although that has not happened to me as of yet, I thought I would just mention that as well.

Along with the eyeshadow palettes, I also purchased a blush palette...
10 Color Professional Blush Palette. This picture as true to color as I could take for the blush palette. I was very excited when I saw the colors in this palette!

However, when I swatched the blush colors(depicted in the same order as the colors in the palette), some colors definitely were more pigmented than others(as seen above).
Good variety in colors
Some colors come pretty pigmented
Easy portability
Wished some of the colors were more pigmented
Overall Rating: B+
One of the major downfalls for this palette is that the blushes were not very pigmented. I really liked the variety of shades available in the palette, but it was disappointing when the colors were so pretty in the palette and did not swatch the same way on my hand. However, if you are someone that applies blushes with a heavy hand, this palette might turn out to be very good for you and for the amount you pay, you get a lot of colors to play around with.

Hopefully, this review was helpful! Post below if you have questions at all and since the holiday season is here, let me know if any of you find any cute gift ideas. I have a lot of girl cousins(ranging in all ages) and would definitely appreciate the help in brainstorming!

 Note: Products were purchased with my own money and the reviews are 100% my own.

Friday, November 11

NYX Lipgloss/Lipstick Review and Swatches

Hello! Hello! So, recently, I was looking through my drawer and realized I had collect a large number of NYX lipsticks and glosses.  Not sure how I came about to acquiring all of them, but thought that I should share in case anyone needed swatches and reviews on the colors.  I think I actually purchased most of then from (the site currently has a promotion for 40% off on their NYX products from Nov. 8th thru Nov. 13th if you enter code NYX40), but you can purchase them from as well. Plus, I have a tiny break between school projects, so I thought I would provide an update ^_^.

First are NYX's Black Label Lipsticks:
(From L to R: Beige(129), India(109), Bling(191), Diva(114), Dusty Rose(108), Cherry(105))

Swatches on MAC NW15 skin in same order as above (yes, I am pale):
(From L to R: Beige(129), India(109), Bling(191), Diva(114), Dusty Rose(108), Cherry(105))

Wide color selection
Pretty packaging
Smooth formula
Light fruity scent
Can be a bit drying, but I wear it with lip balm and it works out well
More expensive than their regular lipsticks
Favorite Shade/s
Overall rating: 4/5

Next, NYX Round Lipsticks:

Not sure how I came about purchasing all of these...

(From L to R: Thalia(529), Ceto(546), Indian Pink(550), B52(565), Jupiter(604), Goddess(613), Watermelon(616), Pumpkin Pie(630), Frappucino(632), Louisiana(634), Fig(640), Rose Bud(641))

Lots and lots of colors
Smooth formula
Very inexpensive
Light scent(don't remember it lingering after I put it on)
Packaging is definitely not standout
Favorite Shade/s
Louisiana (surprisingly flattering for pale skin)
Overall rating: 4.5/5

Onto NYX Megashine Lipglosses(might actually have more of these at home, but currently at school):

(From L to R: Sponge Cake(120), Pink Frost(127), Beige(129), Baby Rose(146) Smokey Look(159))

Decent color selection
Easy to apply(doe foot applicator)
Bubble gum scent
Surprisingly decent pigmentation for a gloss
Cute packaging(on top of the black caps, there's are upraised bows)
Can be a bit sticky
Favorite Shade/s
Baby Rose
Overall rating: 4/5

Lastly, NYX Round Lipglosses:

 (From L to R: Sparkle(05), Kiss(20), Whipped(28), Sorbet(30))

Easy to apply(doe foot applicator)
Citrusy scent
Not as sticky as some glosses
Color goes on pretty sheer
Simple packaging
Favorite Shade/s
Overall rating: 4/5

Overall, I really like NYX products because they are affordable with a large selection of colors.  I think the quality of their products are also great.  Since I do not use makeup on a daily basis, I probably don't need to repurchase, but I definitely would consider repurchasing these products if needed.  I definitely recommend others to give these products a try!

Are there other NYX lipstick/gloss colors that you've tried that you would recommend? I'm also considering purchasing Bare Escentuals mineral powders (foundation/concealer).  Just wanted to see if any of you have tried their products.  I also have sensitive/combination oily skin and do experience breakouts...any recommendations/advice would be appreciated ^^!

Note: Products were purchased with my own money and the reviews are 100% my own.

Wednesday, October 19

Skinny Cow Event

Hi everyone!  I know it has been forever since the last time I posted, but I have had a tough time getting back into the swing of school again. I only took a year off between my undergrad and graduate school, but I definitely feel that the workload for graduate school was more than I had in undergrad (or I have just become a more diligent student ^^).  

Nonetheless, I wanted to catch up on all the posts I have missed out on!  First, will be the event I went to listed above in the title.  Yes, I went to this event during the summer and I understand it is already October, but again, I still wanted to share it with everyone.  Basically, Skinny Cow (the ice cream brand) teamed up with Macy's to bring forth an event to help women find the right bra "cup" size.  If you attended the free event and registered for the bra fitting, you received a voucher for a free bra from Macy's.  On top of this we also had the opportunity to try various ice cream "cup" flavors. Yummm...

Here are some pics I took from the event! Enjoy!
Pic we took of our wrist bands.  Such pretty bold colors!
Friend wore matching polish to one of the pillows they had at the sitting area, so I had to take a pic.  Again, I thought the color scheme was very pretty and summery.
They had a makeup station and these were the looks they were reproducing.  I thought it was really cute they incorporated the names of ice cream flavors they had with their makeup looks. Very creative!
Some ladies getting their makeup done.  They had raffles for free makeovers and these were two of the lucky ladies that had been chosen.  Unfortunately, for privacy's sake, I decided to blur their faces out.
Enjoying some free munchies with friends. They had a cheese yummy!
Overall, I think the event was a lot of fun!  I had never been to anything like that before and was happy a friend told me about it.  Also received a free bra out of it, so definitely thought this event was a good deal!  Anyone else get a chance to go too?  I know it was held in several different locations in the U.S.

Wednesday, August 10

E.L.F. Haul Part 2: Face

Hiyas everyone!  Sorry for the late post!  It has been crazy this past week because I just finished up my last week at work and am currently preparing to head back to school for this fall.  School starts in two weeks.  Eek!  So excited, but scared too because I am not sure how difficult my classes will be!

Yay! So this will be the second part of my e.l.f. ( haul.  I warn you now though because some of the items are new and some of the items are products I purchased a while back.  I figured if you were interested in purchasing some of these items, might as well put everything together and review all the products I have.

Here's a pic of all the products together ^^.  

 e.l.f. products from (L to R) top to bottom:
Studio Bronzer - Warm Bronze ($3.00)
Studio Tone Correcting Powder ($3.00)
Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder ($3.00)
Studio Translucent Matifying Powder ($3.00)

I purchased these products a while back.  Ignore the dirty makeup sponge please...

Studio Bronzer: I think the studio bronzer works pretty well, but since I am pretty pale, I definitely have to use a subtle hand when applying this product.  I do not normally use bronzers often, but the texture of this one is pretty good especially for the price and if you need to, you can always pick from which color block you want.

 Note: First color in this set of swatches are all the colors combined and then it is just swatched L to R

Studio Tone Correcting Powder:  I think this product actually used to be referred to as Complexion Perfection Powder.  I originally purchased this item to help cover up hyper pigmentation because I used to have pretty bad acne.  I think the product is okay for use in covering up/neutralizing light redness.  However, if you are looking to cover up acne or looking for medium to heavy coverage, it probably is not the best choice.

Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder:  I think the blush/bronzer duo works well and the combination makes it easy to take on trips/for travel.  I think since again, my skin is pretty fair, this product needs to be applied with a light hand.  The blush is a pretty shade of coral and gives a nice pop of color for the summertime!  I think if you are looking to save some money, this is definitely a product to look into.

Studio Translucent Matifying Powder:  I think out of all the products mentioned above, I used this product the most.  My skin gets pretty oily and this definitely helps to reduce the shininess.  It comes with a makeup sponge, but I usually apply this with a brush.  It also goes on translucent (as mentioned in product name) and did not leave a ghostly hue to my skin, but sometimes did make me break out.  For the price, the product is good for people without uber sensitive skin like mine.

In this last haul, I decided to pick up some blushes since I had never used e.l.f. blushes before!

 e.l.f. studio blushes from (L to R) top to bottom ($3.00):
pink passion
tickled pink
peachy keen
gotta glow

I love these blushes!  Yes, the colors are pretty subtle, but all are very wearable without producing a clown effect ^__^.  I think my favorite out of all the colors would be 'pink passion'.  I feel that 'pink passion' had the best color payoff compared to the other blush colors.  'Gotta glow', I would definitely consider using as a highlight though (eyebrow more so than cheek).  Some people say this is a dupe to NARS Albatross, but since I have never tried NARS blushes, I can't justify this claim.  Overall quality of these blushes are pretty good and packaging is nice and sleek.

I also picked up this e.l.f. studio line pressed powder in Porcelain (I have NW15-20 skin) for $3.00.  I think this pressed powder works well.  Thankfully, it does not break me out!  It pretty much serves the purpose of matifying and does a good job in doing so.  The product also applies well and does not go on chalky, which is a definite plus!

Along with the pressed powder, I also picked up the e.l.f. studio line Flawless Finish Foundation in Porcelain ($6.00).  I actually like this more than my MAC Studio Fix Fluid because that thing broke me out with each application.  I do not think this product provides heavy coverage, but closer to light to medium coverage.  For the price, you get a good amount of product as well!

Lastly, I repurchased a new studio line kabuki face brush ($5.00).  I think the bristles of the brush feel very soft.  For as long as I have been using it, I have not experienced much bristle fall out.  This is a definite product I would recommend if you like to apply makeup via kabuki!

Overall, I am very happy with the items I purchased.  For the price, I would definitely shop at e.l.f. again and they always have online coupon codes so that you can get their products for even cheaper.  Gotta love a bargain!

Random thought, but I noticed has NYX cosmetics on sale Friday, 8/12.  If you are not familiar with, it is a website that sells name brand/designer items for discounted prices.  NYX cosmetics are usually pretty cheap already, but just figured I would throw it out there if anyone was interested in purchasing.

My personal referral link to HauteLook is:

However, if you were interested in visiting the site without using the referral link you can do so as well at:  

Happy Thursday everyone!
Note: Products were purchased with my own money and the reviews are 100% my own.