Thursday, December 15

Wintery Sky Nail Tutorial

Hello Hello! It is pretty gloomy and chilly outside, so I decided to stay in. I realized I haven't done my nails for a long while, so I decided to do a wintery color scheme. Plus, I really wanted to try China Glaze "Secret Peri-wink-le" out.  Hope you enjoy the tutorial!

First, I started out with clean bare nails.

Next, I brushed on one coat of China Glaze "Secret Peri-wink-le" & let dry.

After your first coat has dried, brush on another coat to create a more solid/opaque pop of color!

Then, brush on an iridescent glittery polish about halfway up the nail ( I used "Last Friday Night" from OPI's Katy Perry Collection).

Lastly, I used Art Club nail art lacquer in "Solid Silver" to paint on some simple designs, but you can always use a toothpick/thinner brush and a silver polish to create the same effects :)
I didn't put on a top coat this time, but on a normal basis, I would in order to keep the polish from chipping.

Hope you like and let me know below what are some of your favorite winter shades!

Note: Products used in this tutorial were purchased with my own money.


  1. Thank you for the nail tutorial! I think it turned out amazing. You're really talented. I might give this a try myself, but every time I try something like this on my nails, it hasn't turned out too well lol :P I'm not as talented or creative when it comes to that kind of thing. That's why I always paint my nails one solid color, and I'm happy hahah

    By the way, it's been brought to my attention that many people don't see my posts from my blog on their feed anymore, and it could be because I changed my URL. I know you're already a follower of mine, but you probably don't see my posts on your feed. If I could please ask you to head on over to my blog, unfollow it then re-follow it, and then you should be able to see my posts in your feed again! I'd really appreciate it :)

    It's Thanks so much!

  2. Yeah mine does too, but not that much. I haven't been dying it for a lot of times and I use treatment for my hair, like a mask twice a week or so^^

    Nice tutorital :) Love your nails!

  3. love your nails,
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  4. thanks for joining.. will follow you back..