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BH Cosmetics: Palette Reviews and Swatches

Hi everyone! Finals week has arrived at school and I have been bombarded with exams and projects. However, I did make a purchase a while back that I have been itching to write a review on and was in the mood to do so today. As you can see in the title, I will be reviewing and swatching some palettes from BH Cosmetics (warning, this post is pic heavy)! The company always seems to have promotional codes and I figured I would invest in some palettes rather than spend so much monies on eyeshadow singles.

Without further ado ^__^ here goes!...

Above is the packaging I received the palettes in as well as the outer packaging for the palettes themselves. I was very happy at how quickly the order was shipped and received.

Shiny plastic outer packaging for all three eyeshadow palettes. On the inside, all three palettes come with a mirror and some double sided disposable eyeshadow applicators. I do wish this came matte though since after a while, your fingerprints show (I tried to be careful, but I think you can see an example of this on the bottom of the case in this pic :(.) 

Just to give you a measure on how large each of the shadows are.

The 88 Standard Matte Palette in natural light.

Closest true to color picture I could get of the 88 Standard Matte Palette. Love how the colors are so vibrant and that there is such a wide variety!

Some random color swatches on MAC NW15 skin. Not sure why I picked these specifically.

Closest true to color picture I could get of the 88 Shimmer Palette. Color assortment is very similar to that of the 88 Matte Palette, but only difference is that these are shimmery.

I was very surprised at how pretty the colors swatched!

Closest true to color picture I could get of the 88 Neutral Palette. Again, lots of variety if you don't own that many eyeshadow shades.

Some swatches on MAC NW15 skin. I tend to wear more neutral makeup for class, so this palette definitely lets me create more professional makeup looks.

Good pigmentation
Wide variety of colors
Good starter palette
Versatility in creating varying makeup looks
Some of the shadows can be a bit chalky
Some of the eyeshadows were unevenly placed in the palette(as seen above)
Overall Rating: A-
Although the eyeshadow quality is not the best I have seen, I think this is a great buy for someone that wants to experiment with different colors or who wants to create different looks, but does not want to spend crazy amounts of money.
Note: I did read in some reviews that sometimes single eyeshadows would fall out. Although that has not happened to me as of yet, I thought I would just mention that as well.

Along with the eyeshadow palettes, I also purchased a blush palette...
10 Color Professional Blush Palette. This picture as true to color as I could take for the blush palette. I was very excited when I saw the colors in this palette!

However, when I swatched the blush colors(depicted in the same order as the colors in the palette), some colors definitely were more pigmented than others(as seen above).
Good variety in colors
Some colors come pretty pigmented
Easy portability
Wished some of the colors were more pigmented
Overall Rating: B+
One of the major downfalls for this palette is that the blushes were not very pigmented. I really liked the variety of shades available in the palette, but it was disappointing when the colors were so pretty in the palette and did not swatch the same way on my hand. However, if you are someone that applies blushes with a heavy hand, this palette might turn out to be very good for you and for the amount you pay, you get a lot of colors to play around with.

Hopefully, this review was helpful! Post below if you have questions at all and since the holiday season is here, let me know if any of you find any cute gift ideas. I have a lot of girl cousins(ranging in all ages) and would definitely appreciate the help in brainstorming!

 Note: Products were purchased with my own money and the reviews are 100% my own.

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