Monday, March 11

Spotted: Rebecca Minkoff Desire Satchel

Hello Hello! I have recently become very fascinated by handbags and purses. As thus, I have consistently found myself browsing ebay for vintage Coach and Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC clutches instead of working on my capstone project...basically what I need to complete to graduate from my program. However, when I visited home this weekend, my mom and I paid a visit to TJ Maxx and look what I spotted! I resisted the urge to pick this up, but I thought I would just share the pic I took. I originally put it up on my Instagram (AriaRhapsody), but thought I'd share this with you all as well!

I believe this Rebecca Minkoff Desire Satchel retails for $495 at Nordstrom, but it was at TJ Maxx for $299 if I remember the tag correctly. Although its vividly bright, I do love the pattern! Comment below and let me know what you think of this bag! Do you like Rebecca Minkoff as well? What's your favorite bags?



  1. That is a cute design. It's funny that just as you're getting into handbags, I am actually trying to sell mine off, because...well I only have one pair of arms, even though I will miss them dearly, haha.