Thursday, November 29

the Balm

Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday! The weather is getting colder and I am looking forward to finishing up the semester. Can't wait until break! At the moment, my short-term goal is to survive the next two weeks. If I make it, then I should be home least for a little while... However, I am taking a break from paper writing at the moment because I wanted to put up a product post for you all!

After hearing much hype, I gave in and purchased some "the Balm" products from Hautelook. I had originally seen some of the makeup products at Marshalls, but I didn't take the bait then. However, I only purchased three items including: Shady Lady Eyeshadow Palette ($19.50), Frat Boy Blush ($10.50) and Down Boy Blush ($10.50).

 I really love the packaging. Yes, for some it may be viewed as being flimsy since it is predominantly paper and not plastic based, but I really like it because it is very slim and portable. Plus, I love the cut pics!

 There were three different palettes on sale, but this one appealed to me most. I think these shades are very wearable.

 I think the eyeshadows are really pigmented. These swatches were only created with one swipe! The swatches match their place on the palette above.

 Along with the eyeshadow palette, I purchased two blushes as well. One is more peachy toned and the other is a more cool toned pink.

I have very fair skin as you can see via the picture, so both blushes show up pretty well. I swatched them in the order they are shown above.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchases! Have you tried the Balm products before? What did you think?


Note: Products were purchased with my own money and the reviews are 100% my own.


  1. love the palettes. is it affordable? the packaging really attracts more buyers. usually if the packaging looks interesting, how much more the content is.

    1. I think the palette is more reasonable than some high end products, but of course, it is more costly than drugstore. I updated the post with the product prices. Thanks so much for asking! I knew I was forgetting something =)

  2. I still want their bronzer, luminizer, foundation, and concealer. They are amazing products

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