Sunday, July 22

Versatile Blogger Award

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday! I was nominated by the lovely Carlota for a blog award a while back and have not had the opportunity to post it. I truly appreciate the nomination and support as this has been a crazy and busy year!

For this award, I am supposed to post up 7 random facts about me. I will also nominate some other lovely bloggers for the award. Here goes!

Random facts:
1. My mom says my stomach is like a garbage can because I enjoy eating and trying new foods.

2. I am currently a graduate student, going into my second and final year of school (hopefully, I make it out alive).

3. I have been told I like "old people" candy because I enjoy eating lemonheads and strawberry filled hard candy.

4. My favorite scent is Marc Jacobs "Daisy." I get headaches with scents that are too strong.

5. I can only wear gold/platinum/white gold earrings for extended periods of time because my ears are really sensitive.

6. I love watching Disney classics! They never seem to get old.

7. My next major purchase goals will either be a new camera or a new phone (my phone is from several years back).

The lovely blogs I nominate:

♥ Joy ♥


  1. Thank you! squee! So happy you thought I deserved it, thanks again for the support. Its wonderful to get such nice feedback especially when my blog is still quite new :-)

  2. WOW! @@<---happy face
    Thanks for nominating me :)I'm quiet surprised
    keep going because you have a great blog too :)