Sunday, July 15

Providence Day 2

Hiyas! Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday! Schedule-wise, the end of my week became a little hectic, so I didn't get a chance to put up the second installment of my Providence trip. This post will be a little bit pic heavy since we covered a lot on Day 2. Hope you all enjoy!

We started out the day by meeting up with our friend and grabbing breakfast at Loui's Family Restaurant on Brook St. My little sister said they had been featured on the Food Network on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives", so we decided to give it a try. I has also visited to check for recommendations. Here's what we ordered...

 My lil sister had ordered a combo with 2 eggs, toast and homefries.

The three of us also shared a stack of pumpkin pancakes (yummy).

My friend and I both ordered the "Drunk Johnny" because that's what Guy Fieri (host of the show) ordered. Needless to say, if you like corn beef hash, this is a pretty delicious choice.

After leaving with our bellies full, my lil sister said she wanted to show us a pretty view over the Brown University campus. Along the way I saw...

Pretty flowers

 View of campus from the Sciences Library

Statue of Marcus Aurelius (Roman emperor)

Beautiful stained glass windows in Sayles Hall.

The largest Hutchings-Votey organ in the world is also housed in Sayles Hall. My little sister said she did some exploring in the basement with some friends and she came across a tombstone in one of the closets (o_O). We tried to go and see it, but sadly, there were people in the classroom that she had discovered it in.

Oldest building on campus, University Hall, built in 1770.

We then went on to visit the John Hay Library where we were told housed 3 books bound in human flesh. We spoke with the librarian and she showed us this one, the "Dance of Death." The other, which we didn't have a chance to see, was not surprisingly, on human anatomy...creepy...

I also saw this pretty clock in one of the library hallways and when I took a pic, it came out hauntingly beautiful.

After we finished exploring the library, we went on to visit the mall and saw "Magic Mike (yes, we dragged our male friend along, tehe ^__^)." Sadly, I didn't really think the movie turned out to be that great. 

We grabbed food quickly after the movie and went for an hour of archery (hadn't done it since 5th grade). I thought it was a lot of fun. It definitely requires technique. Thankfully, the staff gave us mini lessons and were extremely helpful.

We ended our day with some delicious sushi at Sakura.

My friend had the Sweetheart roll with 2 sides of Ikura.

My lil sister and I shared the sides of Miso soup and salad that came with...

Our Yam roll (this was delicious by the way)!

What do you like to do when you visit a new place? What's the most interesting place you've been? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Also, thank you everyone for helping me reach my goal of 100 readers! It really means a lot to me that I have such lovely, supportive readers and it always makes my day to read your comments. Next stop...Boston!


  1. Omg That university seems so cool with all the mysterious and interesting stuff! I'd love to have seen that human bound book myself >< Do you know why they were bound in human flesh and how come it doesn't decay? Lol

    1. I think it just became popular during a certain period of time. My lil sister tried to reach out and touch the book when the librarian had it in her hand, but didn't get to touch it. I'm sure that's how they keep the book so well preserved. Plus they told us they had scans of the inside of the book, so I'm sure when students need to use it, they just use the scanned documents.

  2. Mmmm... those foods looked yummy!
    This place is not far from where I live and
    one of these days,I am planning to visit this place.

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    Lovely post ^^

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  8. All of that food looks so delicious!

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  9. I've never seen heart shaped sushi before! Amazing!

  10. Yummy! Look at all the yummy foods. When I visit a city, I love to explore the city, the popular tourist place or non tourist place.

  11. wow the food looks amazing and beautiful pictures! :)

  12. I love breakfast food and japanese cuisine!! <3

  13. I just had dinner but your yummy food pics are still making my mouth water. Those pumpkin pancakes and that sushi look amazing. I've never visited Providence but it sure looks like an interesting town based on your posts! Have a great week!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  14. Good foods, nice sceneries! :)

  15. Those stained glass windows look amaaazing! I also went to see Magic Mike recently, and I agree that the movie didn't live up to its potential. Also, as much as I love him, Matthew McConaughey just looked...underfed throughout the entire movie.

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  22. I like so much what you are doing here.

  23. Cute photos! All the food looks delish!


  24. Looks like you guys had a pretty interesting day! The breakfasts look really heavy, but I'd imagine they must have tasted yummy. Books bound in flesh? That's so creepy - I think I'd be too freaked out to touch it haha

  25. nice pics! love that food,yummiiiiiiiii! xoxo

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  27. Wow, it all looks so yummy! And looks like you had fun :)

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  31. I just love Providence. The Brown campus is beautiful and there are so many delicious restaurants in that city.

    xo, Yi-chia
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  32. The food looks great. I love Providence! It's a nice place.
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