Tuesday, August 2

Oh the Places We Will Go...

Hi everyone!  In my last post, I mentioned I was going to visit my little sister in Rhode Island.  Well, I just recently returned from the trip and wanted to share some of the things I saw, purchased and ate!

Lucky for me, that weekend was a record breaker temperature-wise.  I think at its peak, it was 105+ degrees, toasty...  I was pretty tired out from the flight, so we just grabbed a bite to eat, relaxed and visited some consignment shops my first day there.  I didn't find anything, but my sister found a cute dress and blazer all for under $15 total!

Second day, we visited the nearby mall in Providence.  There's no sales tax on clothing, so of course we picked up some cute items!
I picked up this cute top from Forever21.  The top is very comfy and light to wear.  I like the fact that I can easily pair it with a pair of black tights, since it runs a little long on me and also liked that the waist area cinches in.

Along with the top, I purchased these cute crane earrings.  Although I have trouble wearing non-gold/non-white gold/non-platinum earrings due to sensitivity to other metals, I'm still going to find a way to make these work.  Thankfully, gold plated earring hooks sometimes work too ^^, so I might just switch the hooks out of these.

I'm more of a ring person though when it comes to jewelry.  When I saw this cute bow ring at Charlotte Russe, I had the hardest time choosing between black or white.  In the end I went with the black since I felt it was a bit more wearable than the white, but I was really tempted to get it in both colors.  At the time I picked this ring up, their jewelry was on sale for 2 for $8.00 or 1 ring for $5.00.

On the third day I was there, the weather was still pretty hot and a little muggy, so we decided to hit the mall again since we did not cover the second floor the day before.  My sister and I found some really cute shoes at Payless Shoes store ^___^.  Although I'm not sure when/how I'm going to wear these yet, they were a total steal for $8.00 per pair and surprisingly comfortable.  Very excited to wear them soon!

Yay! Onto the things we ate! On my last full day in Rhode Island, we went to visit Newport. I really love the New England feel of the area. Yes, I did come across a cupcake shop called Cupcake Charlie's...so of course I had to go in and take a peek.
My little sister and I came out with Chocolate Mint Madness and Samoa cupcakes.  Samoa was the flavor of the day!  Soooo yummy.

The Samoa flavor consisted of chocolate cake with fluffy frosting and a little pockets of caramel inside topped with a drizzle of chocolate, a drizzle of caramel and coconut flakes.  Delish!

Chocolate Mint Madness is made of chocolate cake with mint butter cream frosting topped with chocolate drizzle, Andes chocolate candy piece and sprinkles.  My kryptonite x.x.

Seemingly, Newport is known for their lobster rolls because it appeared on a lot menus we saw.  I can't pass up the opportunity to try new foods, so my little sister and I decided to split a lobster roll and a fish sandwich at Salas' Down Under restaurant.  We also upgraded to sweet potato fries!  All were very tasty.

Lastly, Newport is also known for its old mansions, so we visited as many as possible.  Here are a couple pics I took:
Marble House (built between 1888-1892)
random older architectural building
Isaac Bell House (1883)

Funny thing is a lot of the houses in the area are really big, so we kept mistaking some of the regular houses for mansions/historical buildings.

Overall, I think it was a great trip! Soooo happy I had the chance to see my little sister again before school starts.  I know it definitely won't be my last visit to Rhode Island!

Note: Products were purchased with my own money and the reviews are 100% my own.


  1. ooh u love your finds! the bow is adorable and the shoes are so cute

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  2. Your purchases are lovely, especially the top and earrings!
    And the food looks so yummy!

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  3. those shoes are so pretty i want them!


  4. Oah I love the shoes ! :) And the food looks so delicious *__*

  5. The pics turned out a lot better than I thought for the mansions! It was sooo nice to see you <3

  6. the photographs are sooo gorgeous here!!
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  7. you picked up so nice things!!


  8. I love those loafers! And the cupcakes look DELICIOUS :)

  9. Love the bow ring I have the black and the white one but I wear the white more and thought I would wear the black more!! lol

    I just featured it on my blog also!