Tuesday, July 12

Yummilicious Sweets!!! Georgetown Cupcake/DC Cupcakes

Hiyas everyone!  I wanted to change it up a little from the makeup posts I've done so far and present a little treat.  Just this past spring, I took my first vacation to the east coast.  Along the way, my boyfriend and I visited our good friend in Washington D.C. and he treated us to some delicious cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake (yes, trip was a while back, but I couldn't keep these cakes to myself!!).  I would say if you have a sweet tooth and you're in the D.C. area, this place is definitely worth the visit!  Not only were the cupcakes tasty, but the frosting flavors were unique and on top of that, the decoration for the cakes were simple, but very cute!

Here's a breakdown of the flavors we picked
Cupcakes with the ♥s -  Red Velvet
Cupcakes with the clovers - Irish Creme (seasonal)
Cupcake w/oreo & green frosting - Mint Cookies & Creme
Cupcake w/chocolate sprinkles - Chocolate3
Chocolate cupcake w/chocolate ganache - Chocolate Ganache
Vanilla cupcake w/chocolate frosting - Vanilla & Chocolate

We ended up splitting a dozen, so four per person.  These were the ones I received.  I think I have to say the Red Velvet is currently my favorite, but I would definitely like to try some of the other flavors in the future!

If you've tried Georgetown Cupcakes before, let me know what flavors you would recommend.  Are there any unique bakeries or fooding places that you have visited?

Note: Products were purchased by my friend with his own money and the opinions are 100% my own.


  1. You have me craving for delicious cupcakes now...

  2. Hehe ^^ I kept wanting some as well when I was putting this post together...

  3. I'm craving cupcakes now :( The mint cookies and creme looks soooooooo good

    Please check me out :) at ykhearts.blogspot.com

  4. cupcakes are my weakness!! i love love red velvet cupcake:)))

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